Golden Goose Sneakers humans interact

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Well, for starters, don't worry about shoes. In this case, sandals or going barefoot are both totally OK. Let your outfit do all of the talking. In case you need even more styling inspiration, the recent spring 2022 street style scene in Europe also saw a few men showcase how to wear them. In Paris, one stylish attendee paired their black Mary Jane-style ballet flats with jeans and a statement blazer. In Milan, another guest wore woven leather ballet flats with a printed shirt and crisp white trousers.

On the still-quiet streets of SoHo, the Dior Men shop is one of the very few with a line out the door. Young men and women are willing to wait hours for Kim Jones's couture-meets-streetwear trophies, his Air Dior sneaker collaboration with Nike especially.

While it has often been ingested, propolis has also become popular in the skin-care realm. This incredible natural substance has also been found to be beneficial in helping heal wounds or skin issues such as acne or eczema, says Rueben. There are propolis washes, extracts, and oils that are meant to heal acne and reduce inflammation.

The label's cofounders-Jonas Sayed Gammal Bruun and Emil Wde Frederiksen-met while studying design in a production school in Denmark a few years ago. It's a school for youth who don't really know where they're going; it's a middle stop before you go through with an education, says Bruun. The two found that they shared an appreciation for nature and sustainably minded design, and talked about starting a label. Three years ago, they finally launched Solitude Studios, to focus on their like-minded vision full-time. We're drawn to how Golden Goose Sneakers humans interact with nature, says Bruun. We were very in touch from the start about where we wanted to go, says Frederiksen. Now, the brand is carried in retailers such as APOC and Tokyo's Radd Lounge.